Climate Assembly UK: Talking about the whether…

Guest Blog by Barry Carney, Research Associate with Change Agents UK The UK is legally committed to net zero emissions by 2050. This target was put forward by the Government’s statutory advisor, the Committee on Climate Change, for delivering on the UK’s commitments to the Paris Agreement. The measures are a continued response to theContinue reading “Climate Assembly UK: Talking about the whether…”


Our civilisation, as we know it, is at an historical tipping point, because of the environmental wreckage we are creating in the planetary biosphere. Planetary biophysical limits will determine the future of our world and, as things stand, this will be characterised by huge discontinuities for human and natural systems, caused by widespread natural disasters,Continue reading “FROM GREEN ACADEMY TO ECOLOGICAL UNIVERSITIES?”


Imagine if a university totally reoriented itself around redeveloping its locality. It would only offer teaching and research directly relevant to this mission. It might bring in local employers, partner with private training providers, and only carry out research that would benefit its local communities.This idea by a leading consultancy firm was headlined in theContinue reading “SHOULD UNIVERSITIES BE A FORCE FOR SOCIAL GOOD?”


CRABBY INCREMENTALISM OR TRANSFORMATION? We face a democratic tipping point in responding to the climate emergency as the choices of business as usual(no change) or incremental change can no longer command majority support. Global tipping points now demand urgent action at scale and urgency. Our systems of governance need to respond in parallel to thisContinue reading “DEMOCRACY AND SUSTAINABILITY”

What is a Climate Emergency?

Many of our governing bodies at both national and local levels are declaring a climate emergency. But what does this mean? Do we carry on as before or are we meant to do something differently? We usually think of an emergency as some event that has happened that requires an urgent need for action toContinue reading “What is a Climate Emergency?”