THE HIDDEN POWER OF SYSTEMS THINKING Governance in a Climate Emergency

In many of my recent blogs I have begun to focus on how we can implement transformational change. During my time as the CEO of a new company in the fastest growing city in the UK- Milton Keynes in the late 1990s, I found myself engaging with some of the foremost creative and influential academicsContinue reading “THE HIDDEN POWER OF SYSTEMS THINKING Governance in a Climate Emergency”


As governments proceed to reduce the lock down measures implemented to contain Covid-19 they are being encouraged to implement a 5-step decision making framework which takes account of longer-term impacts of climate change. We do not need gung-ho business as usual changes which stimulate carbon intensive industrial and consumption growth, knowing only to well thatContinue reading “TRANSITIONING FROM THE PANDEMIC: Sound Advice from the OECD”

Matlock Floods investigated by East Midlands BBC News

On 6th March the East Midlands news team descended on Knowleston Gardens, site of the Bentley Brook pumping station. Contrary to local understanding the film crew took evidence from the Environment Agency who confirmed that the November 2019 floods were caused by surface water rather than flooding from the river. The volume of the waterContinue reading “Matlock Floods investigated by East Midlands BBC News”


This is the front-page headline carried by the Daily Mirror on New Year’s Day. Will this be the year transformative change happens? Or will we face another decade of business as usual?  One relatively simple test of our current trends in decarbonising our lifestyles is to ask ourselves this question: How many cars can theContinue reading “2020 – TEN YEARS TO SAVE THE PLANET!”

Climate Change and the proposed housing development on The Wolds Matlock

Can we Safeguard the Future of the Town ? Richard Arkwright and John Smedley(and son) were celebrated Victorian entrepreneurs. Their visionary use of the streams and rivers which are so abundant in the Derwent Valley, led to the development of innovative hydro-engineering systems, which powered the industrial revolution and factory-based cotton textile production in theContinue reading “Climate Change and the proposed housing development on The Wolds Matlock”

The Hypocrisy of Academia?

Jonathan Wolff opines that University staff’s carbon use is huge and growing from their international conference travel to almost all parts of the Globe (Guardian What hypocrisy, academics think guiltily.29 October). True, but there is a bigger and more intensely worrying form of hypocrisy because the carbon footprint of the many university campuses here andContinue reading “The Hypocrisy of Academia?”